Time to celebrate: Fyber (former SponsorPay) successfully sold to RNTS

October 7th, 2014

Today it has finally been announced that Fyber (which has been known as SponsorPay) has been acquired by publicly listed media company RNTS.

Andreas, Janis & I had co-founded the company in 2009 together with Team Europe. 

Kite Ventures (Edward), Hasso Plattner Ventures, Nokia Ventures and Estag have been early investors.

Fyber has come a long way since then and has now 200+ professionals in Berlin & San Francisco as well as thousands of clients worldwide.

Special thanks goes to my co-founders Andreas, Janis  (& Markus + the whole team) which did a great job in the last 5.5 years and will continue to lead the now publicly listed company!

P.S. Public sources say it has been a solid 3-digit million € exit – I will stay careful enough to not comment on numbers that have not been officially shared yet ;)

P.P.S. Just found a classic team picture from 2009 – 1 month after launch :)

Classic: The sponsorpay team in 2009  - 1 month after launch!




HitFox announces 15m € profit and 2 new Big Data and Advertising Start-ups

April 3rd, 2014

HitFox keeps me  busy and happy…

Today we announced the acquisition of Big-Data Start-up Datamonk and the foundation and 1m € Investment into Apploop which got nice coverage from eg Techcrunch & Venture Beat and Morgenpost.

Last we had announced the buyback of Team Europe`s shares and a 15m € euro profit in 2013.

Overall I`m more excited than ever before about the growth opportunities ahead.

In particular I`m very bullish on business models around Big Data which either collect and monetize (formerly unused) data or make products out of this data.

We`ve learnt a lot about it in our Advertising Businesses and will now apply this expertise beyond “only” Advertising…

I`m excited to work on some really big and innovative ideas and it feels like “Internet 1996″ – all the big opportunities are still untapped…

Good times for (Big Data) Entrepreneurs to create value!



AppLift receives additional 7million $ funding from PRIME

October 18th, 2013

Yesterday we announced that AppLift received another 7million $ in funding from PRIME – only 4 months after PRIME Ventures had invested 13million $.

Overall HitFox Group is growing very well and has now 125 hand-picked Foxes headquartered in Berlin with satellite offices in San Francisco & Seoul.

We are looking forward to even faster growth ahead and are currently starting some very interesting, synergetic ventures…

Did I mention that we have about 30+ open positions in all areas (especially Tech/Product & Biz Dev) including Co-Founder & MD?








Named #1 of NextBerlin 100 List – and hope that it helps filling 100 open positions!

April 12th, 2013

Yesterday NextBerlin Conference Jury & Audience Voting named me #1 out of  100 (pre-nominated!) European Digital Influencers.

Thanks to everybody who contributed – I hope the nice visibility helps finding more top talent for 100+ attractive openings at HitFox Group, SponsorPay, Madvertise & Absolventa!

Have a look at the career sections below and help me spreading the word :)


Angela Merkel visits the Start-up scene

March 8th, 2013

Yesterday I and several other German Entrepreneurs got the seldom opportunity to meet Angela Merkel at a Start-up Event!

(Thanks for organizing this cool event to Lars Hinrichs as well Florian Noell and Thomas Bachem from DeutscheStart-ups.org.)

I was very positively surprised by her Charisma and she hold a smart and entertaining speech about how she`d like to support Internet Entrepreneurship in Germany.

Afterwards she took about 45 minutes to discuss and listen to our ideas.

It`s a smart strategic move from her (definitely inspired by Philip Roesler) to affiliate herself with the Internet & Start-up scene.

The is were the sustainable growth is and it will also benefit her public image – just 6 months ahead of the upcoming elections…

I hope (& believe) her interest in the Internet Start-up scene will continue afterwards!

at a start-up event in Berlin...


HitFox Group expanding into Asia with local presence in Korea

November 8th, 2012

Today we announced HitFox Group`s expansion into Asia and the appointment of Ludolf Ebner-Chung as General Manager!

3 out of our 4 portfolio companies (Ad2Games, AppLift, & GameFinder) are growing fast in Europe and US, now working together with 150+ Mobile & Online Game Publishers.

Our whole group now consists of 70 awesome professionals with the large majority being based in Berlin – some other exciting locations tba soon…

I`m at this moment in Busan/Korea for G-Star Conference and excited to be first time ever in Korea…

Looking forward for a lot of good meetings & new partnerships at G-Star and some quality time & partying with Ludolf, Ruben (Haas), Janis Zech & Michael (Liebe) in Seoul this weekend!

HitFox Game Ventures launches AppLift & GameFinder

August 14th, 2012

Today we announced foundation & 7-figure € funding of our 2 Mobile Game Marketing Start-ups AppLift & GameFinder.

As Techcrunch put it right HitFox Game Ventures started and funded them pretty hands-on in the “German Style Incubator model”.

However with Kaya Taner (AppLift MD) & Xavier Rezgui (GameFinder MD) we have 2 strong co-founders on board.

Both have before been outstanding team members at HitFox.

I like this way of picking Co-Founders particularly for 2 reasons:

1. Both parties know each other before and have adequate expectations.

2. It is motivating your existing team and also attracts further top talents.

Did I mention that we have 30+ open positions at the moment? ;-)






HitFox Game Ventures: The world`s first Game Distribution Incubator

July 31st, 2012

Since it`s start in 2008 I`ve been founding companies together with my friends and close business partners from incubator Team Europe.

Most recently we`ve started together HitFox - a Game Distribution Company.

Now we are proud to announce the next evolution step HitFox Game Ventures – the world`s first incubator focussed on Game Distribution. 

We are now a team of 55 and just moved into our new HQ at Rosenstr. 16-17 – the former office of Groupon. 

The first 2 start-ups besides HitFox and Ad2Games (which we aquired in February 2012) are progressing fast and will be announced soon…



Facebook IPO this friday – how you can profit now from buying Google shares

May 16th, 2012

This Friday Facebook`s long expected IPO is finally happening. The initial valuation will likely be around 100$ billion dollar.

I was lucky to buy my Facebook stock much cheaper in 2010 on the secondary market  - and I will sell most of it soon after the IPO (on the secondary market again due to the 6 month lock up for my shares).

During the last year I`ve written 3 articles on different strategies how you can profit from investing in Facebook or their IPO:






Here`s now a short term “tactic” for the last minute – possible for everybody who owns already a stock depot:


Buy Google stocks now before the IPO – they are relatively undervalued and will rise when people compare Google`s value to Facebook!


Given the strong investors demand (and a 900m user base) it`s likely that the price will jump 20-50% within the first minutes /hours after the IPO.

That means Facebook`s valuation could reach 120-150$ billion dollar.


Even though I believe in Facebook`s longterm potential to be worth much more in short term they are relatively overpriced – at least compared to Google.

Google has today a market cap of $200 billion and a Price/Earning Ratio around 19 while they are still continuously growing.

Moreover they have plenty of cash in the bank – if you calculate that out their P/E ratio is even much cheaper.

Facebook will at a valuation of 120-150$ billion have a Price/Earning Ratio of 120-150.

While Facebook is growing faster than Google they are – at least in the short term – not fair valued when Facebook is worth 60-75% of Google`s valuation.

When Facebook is realizing the 120-150$billion valuation this Friday people will compare Google and Facebook closely.

There should be 2 effects

1. Google`s stock will rise

2. Facebook`s stock might loose relatively a bit (or not become even more expensive)


Part of the effects should happen immediately. Part of the effect could happen during the following days, week`s and months after analysts had some time to compare.

For the last 3-4 years I`ve more or less always split up my  money available for stock investments between Google, Amazon and Apple stocks – sometimes adding some side-investments in smaller Internet stocks.

Before the IPO on Friday I`ve now put for a short time 100% of my stock investment liquidity in Google.

Even though the described effect might only be good for a few percent return – it`s a few percent in a few days or weeks.

Moreover the downside risk is rather low:

Google is “cheap” anyway at the moment even without comparing them to Facebook and the share could easily go up 20-40% during the next 12 months.

If you agree with my opinion, hurry up now. It`s not too late now to benefit from the Facebook IPO – even without owning FB shares.



Since I own both Facebook and Google shares I could (in theory) profit from a significantly higher demand.

Also keep in mind that stock investments are always risky and  I could definitely be wrong with my above mentioned opinion!


Gruenderszene.de steadily grows – next big milestone: Heureka Conference at May 7th

April 9th, 2012

5 years after my own involvement at Gruenderszene.de I`m very happy to follow that Gruenderszene.de is growing steadily.

Within the last 6 months they`ve successfully established VentureVillage.eu - I already love it for the unique, entertaining style to report about our scene!

Recently the Gruenderszene.de team around Mark, Joel, Nora & Marguerite expanded into Start-up Events.

I`m sure they`ll be able to leverage their reach, brand and execution power to be successful.

I very much enjoyed their latest “Spätschicht”-Event.

Now they work on a much bigger event with the upcoming “Heureka-Conference” on May 7th (during Berlin Webweek):

40 prominent national and international speakers are covering hot topics like Incubation, Internationalization & Mobile.

About 500 guests are expected – I`m already looking forward to it and hope to see you there!

Tickets & info:






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